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How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 Twitter Basics For Business!


How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 Twitter Basics For Business!


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Are you looking for “how to use Twitter for business”? Perhaps you want to discover some Twitter basics for business?

Well in this training video, I walk you through exactly how to use Twitter to promote your business, in 5 top Twitter basics for beginners!

To recap, how to use Twitter for business, the 5 Twitter basics for business are:

1. Proper Profile Set-Up – You want to have a nice profile and cover picture which will brand you and your business.

2. Understand the Twitter Lingo – It’s important to understand what the terms mean on Twitter.

3. Tweet frequently – You want to tweet often, and when you do, share value for your followers.

4. Build your following – Focus on continually growing a bigger following.

5. Promote your Business – The last step of the 5 Twitter basics for business is promoting your business. You want to share value, then promote your business every once and a while.

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Twitter Tips & Tricks (TOP 5)


Twitter Tips & Tricks (TOP 5)


I’m letting you in on some of my top Twitter tips and tricks. If you have any cool Twitter hacks then let me know in the comments!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this video are mine and do not represent those of Twitter UK or any partnership. Okay? Good.



Twitter Tutorial – Top 5 Twitter Tips

Top 5 Twitter Tips


Twitter. It’s awesome but it can also be super confusing, and overwhelming, and a massive
waste of your time. But if you use it right it can be an amazing tool for adding value,
sharing information, networking, building your business, and so many other things. If
you want to know how to use twitter, I have a full tutorial right here. But in today’s
video, I’m going to show you my top 5 tips for using twitter effectively, getting the
most out of it, and making great use of your time. Continue reading